Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia

Five Bridges is proud to partner with CoAct to deliver employment support through the Australian Government’s new Workforce Australia program in the South Brisbane Region. 

Being selected as specialist Indigenous service providers, Five Bridges has accepted the opportunity to assist even more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to receive training, become job ready and look for work, as well as providing ongoing existing employment services.


Our services

Getting to know you and putting together a plan

We work together to unpack your skills, strengths, challenges and training needs. Then come goals and tactics to get you into a job.

We support the whole you and can co-ordinate the specialist services you need. These might include housing, counselling, drug and alcohol services, migrant resource centres and legal advice.

Helping you prepare for work

Through workshops and individual support, we’ll help you build your self-esteem and emotional intelligence, succeed at interviews and manage conflict.

You also have access to an online employment hub that includes resources like a Resume and Cover Letter Builder.

We also invest in the things you need to start work. This includes clothes for interviews, tickets, tools and support with short courses.

Finding the right job

We can line you up with work experience or an internship so you feel ready for a paid role. Our team knows the employers and available jobs in your area. We recommend roles we think are a good fit, at the right time.

We’ll also give you coaching on how to talk to employers. This will help you figure out what you like and what’s important to you at work.

Putting your best foot forward

We’re right there with you for up to 32 weeks of your employment or study to make sure you have what it takes to succeed.


CoAct Connect + Five bridges is a Workforce Australia provider that’s been building employment opportunities for over 25 years.


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