Five Bridges offers a range of training programs designed to equip local community members with the skills and knowledge needed take advantage of employment opportunities and to ensure their local community organisations are run effectively.

These training programs are delivered in under the Djamgah Learning Circle initiative. Djamgah is a commitment to provide Indigenous learners a culturally safe and supportive learning environment, embracing traditional practices and learning methods to ensure all students have the very best learning experience.

Courses are structures and developed in consultation with local community Elders to ensure that all training is relevant to the needs local community, and as such our learning programs are widely supported by Elders and community members.


Djamgah Students through Five Bridges

As a Djamgah student through Five Bridges, you can expect the very highest quality training in a relaxed, understanding and supportive environment. This includes:

Culturally aware trainers – Djamgah trainers are understanding and respectful of all aspects of traditional life, belief, and practices. Feel free to be yourself, and know that you will be in an environment where you are respected and supported.

Relaxed environment – Study in a relaxed and flexible learning environment, with all Djamgah classes run in a way which suit our students learning styles and cultural practices. Traditional training environments can be rigid, structured and designed to meet the needs of the training team, but not at Djamgah. We ensure that all of our students enjoy their time in class and maximize the learning experience by studying the way that suits you.

Learning material that is relevant – Djamgah course material is relevant and designed to embrace traditional aspects of learning, valuing open communication between students, sharing experiences and learning from one another.

Community Services

Five Bridges delivers training programs in the field of Community Services. These qualifications include the Certificate III in Community Services and the Certificate III in Disability, which will enable learners to support members of their local community, improving the care and circumstances of local community members in need.

Work Readiness

Five Bridges delivers a range of work readiness workshops and programs, designed to help prepare people to enter the workforce.

To find out more information about current programs being offered, please contact us here and speak with a Five Bridges team member about how we can help you prepare for work.


Certificate III in Business – Cert 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee Program is a state funded program that entitles eligible Queenslanders access to a Certificate III level qualification in a selection of priority training areas.

Business Governance


Our two day Governance workshop is designed specifically for board members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and covers a range of topics including roles and responsibilities of board members, how to run board meetings, participation as a board member, knowing your constitution, organizational planning and much more.

These 2 day workshops are delivered every 6-8 weeks. Contact Five bridges office for more details.